Hearing loop service at Long Clawson

Long Clawson Medical Practice now has a hearing loop system in place at reception.

For the millions of Britons with hearing loss, there are a number of ways to help them hear a bit better. For those who wear personal, highly-functional hearing aids, the hearing loop is a complimentary device that offers audio support as you go through your day.

A specialised piece of equipment, the hearing loop - also called an induction loop - is a type of sound system that boosts the signal in someone's hearing aids. They help those with hearing loss to focus on particular sounds, like a person talking, near the loop's internal microphone. In conditions without a hearing loop, all sounds including background noise are amplified making it sometimes difficult to focus on one sound.

Thanks to a setting on most hearing aids, users can isolate the speech signal so it goes direct to the hearing aid thanks to a loop cable that physically surrounds the location - typically in a room, bank, or shop floor.

British Sign Language (BSL) interpreting for deaf patients

BSL (British Sign Language) is available for deaf patients. A member of staff for Stackyard and Woolsthorpe Surgeries can contact this organisation to book.

Leicestershire patients may qualify for free services from Communication Plus and are requested to book themselves:

  • Email office@commplus.or.uk
  • Text or Facetime 07887 622 746
  • Minicom 0121 707 4706
  • Telephone Voice 0121 707 8685
  • Fax 0121 707 9812

If you need help any other help, please let us know

Any patient, family member and carer can ask for staff to organise interpretation or translation of a patient leaflet or other patient information. Please contact a member of staff and highlight any communication needs and we can arrange support for you.

Interpretation and Translation

The Vale Medical Group can provide interpretation and translation services for patients who:

  • Have difficulty verbally communicating in English, even though they may be able to speak limited English
  • Deaf patients
  • Blind patients

Interpretation Services

Face-to-Face interpreting for non-English speaking patients

A telephone interpretation service is available for patients who have difficulty verbally communicating in English who come to the Surgery.

This service is provided by Language Line Solutions (LLS) and provides interpretation in 200 languages. The service operates by connecting members of staff and patients to a professional interpreter by telephone.

Click here to download and language identification chart

Translation Services (for written information)

Language Line Solutions can also provide translation of written information for non-English speaking patients.

Large print

Please inform a member of staff if you require documents in larger print and we can arrange this.


Please let us know if you need documents in braille form. This may take up to two weeks for us to order.

Longer appointments

Double or triple appointments can be made available for patients that require more time for communication needs, please let a member of staff know.

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