Online appointment booking

We are now offering online appointment booking service.

Medication reviews

Medication reviews can often be completed by a simple telephone call. Please call reception and ask to be placed on a telephone consultation call-back list. This needs to be done before 11:00am.

GP Preference

You have a right to express a preference of practitioner and we will do our best to give you an appointment with the Doctor of your choice. Should your preferred Doctor not have a free appointment you will be offered an appointment with one of the other GPs in the practice. You will never be refused to see a Doctor if one is available.

Telephone advice

The doctors and nurses are available to take telephone calls after morning surgery. This can be to give advice, discuss test results, follow up certain problems, or do simple medication reviews. Please call reception and ask to be placed on a telephone consultation call-back list. This needs to be done before 11:00am.

Prioritise the issues

We endeavour to provide a holistic and comprehensive approach to your health care needs. Therefore, in order to assist with this, can we ask you to prioritise the issues you wish to discuss with the Doctor or Nurse, as we are only able to deal with a maximum of two per appointment. This will also help us to run the clinics on time and minimise excessive waiting times.

Availability of appointments

The availability of appointments is monitored continually by the surgery, and where possible, additional capacity added to ensure that appointments are available to book.

Home visits

Please call before 11.00am for home visit requests

Please request these before 11.00am giving the receptionist some idea of the type of problem and the urgency. The doctors will visit patients who are too ill to leave home, but generally it is better where possible to be seen at the surgery where our facilities are available for examination and investigations.

If you are feeling very unwell or think your child might have an infectious disease e.g. chickenpox please tell the receptionists when you arrive so that they can arrange for you to be seen in an appropriate way.

Single consultations only

Please remember that appointments are for ONE person only. If you feel your consultation may be lengthy, ask the Receptionist for a DOUBLE APPOINTMENT when you book.

Missed Appointments and DNA

Do you feel frustrated when you cannot get an appointment?
Many patients each month Did Not Attend (DNA) their appointment. This means the patient did not turn up for the appointment and did not contact the surgery in advance to cancel or change the appointment. This currently results in approximately 40 hours of wasted clinical time each month!

The effect of this is:
  • An increase in waiting time for appointments
  • Frustration for both staff and patients
  • A waste of NHS resources
  • A potential risk to the health of patients

Non-attendance is a major issue for the NHS, increasing waiting list times and costs. Missed appointments can also increase inappropriate and unnecessary A&E attendances.

We appreciate there can be many reasons why patient fail to attend appointments - they feel better, they are scared, transport problems or they simply forget.

All appointments are recorded onto the patient's clinical record; therefore all DNA's are recorded too.


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